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Today’s News

The end of another week couldn’t come soon enough, IE fatalities on the streets are completely out of control. It would’ve been great to end the week early after yesterday, but the outrageousness continues. Without further ado:

  • Carnage: Man dies after a steel pipe on a truck comes loose and hits him (SB Sun)
  • Coachella Valley cities jockey to have their road expansions on top of CVAG’s priority list (Desert Sun)
  • Keep those fireplaces off again today (PE)
  • Inattentive motorists in Moreno Valley cited for not yielding to pedestrians (Valley News)
  • Is the real problem on our stroads the standards? (Strong Towns)
  • SANBAG is still taking comments about their Short-Range Transit Plan (VVDP)
  • Moreno Valley bridge to close for at least six months after suffering damage over the weekend (PE)
  • The vast majority of American highways are crumbling while most of the money continues to go to projects to build new stuff (SBUSA)
  • CVAG, RCTC seek input and will hold meetings concerning rail service to the Beaumont Pass and Coachella Valley areas (RCTC [PDF])

Have a great weekend! Hopefully, this one is better than last.


Today’s News

Well, that wasn’t long. People are definitely dying on the roads of the Inland Empire again.

  • Carnage: One dead in crash in San Bernardino (PE)
  • Carnage: Man killed while exiting his vehicle on I-15 (VVNG)
  • Carnage: Elderly man killed while crossing the street in San Bernardino (PE)
  • Carnage: Elderly woman killed while crossing the street in Rancho Cucamonga (PE)
  • Menifee’s Cimarron Ridge Draft EIR now available
  • Palm Springs’ 750 Lofts project wins approval from City Council (Desert Sun)
  • Victorville pays off SANBAG debt early, prepares for road spending spree (VVDP)
  • Murrieta gas prices are acting as a regional barometer (Murrieta Patch)
  • Riverside County DOT wins grant to expand GIS mapping of collisions (Valley News)
  • To get rid of ‘bikelash’, change the language (SBUSA)
  • Don’t fire up any wood today (PE, AQMD)

Wow. Hopefully, a better tomorrow.

Today’s News

It looks like six more weeks of winter await! Or so said Pawtuxet Groundhog yesterday. SoCal apparently hasn’t received that memo yet. But now, let’s look at what memos have been received.

  • The Transit Coalition explores future RTA plans for express bus service on HOT/HOV lanes
  • Carnage: Woman dead after hit-and-run on SR-18 in Apple Valley (VVNG)
  • Carnage: Woman killed on I-15 in Victorville (VVNG)
  • Coachella Valley students ask for cleaner air (Desert Sun)
  • Secretary Foxx and President Obama give a nod to more transportation choices going forward (CityLab)
  • Wyoming legislature shows how out of touch with reality they are with bill requiring hi-viz vests for cyclists (SBUSA)
  • CSUSB Palm Desert set to expand (Desert Sun)
  • Does the IE have any attractive cities?

That’s all for today! Check back tomorrow for more.

Today’s News

Well, welcome to another week and another month! Here’s what happened over the weekend:

  • San Bernardino County Parks received a $3.4mn grant to complete the next long-awaited phase of the SART
  • Adelanto consider putting more jails in the city on hold for 50 years (VVDP)
  • Carnage: Woman killed walking on SR-60 in Moreno Valley (PE)
  • Carnage: Motorcyclists killed in Apple Valley (VVDP, VVNG, PE)
  • Carnage: Truck collisions results in honey barbecue chicken (PE)
  • Riverside forum recalls desegregation of Riverside schools (PE)
  • MoVal bridge out after getting hit by cargo on a truck (PE)
  • Burning wood comes under fire for PM2.5 emissions in new SCAQMD research (SB Sun)
  • One of the world’s oldest cyclists passes in Long Beach (LAT)

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more tomorrow.

Today’s News

The end of another week and most of us made it. Unfortunately, far too many didn’t.

  • Carnage: Monday’s crash on National Trails Highway claims its second victim (VVNG)
  • Pass Transit offering free shuttles for tomorrow’s Veteran’s Expo in Beaumont (via FB)
  • AAA to offer free Tipsy Tows on most dangerous day for winter roadways
  • Transit app Moovit finds more funding (WSJ)
  • Chaffey College will reward six students for not driving with $500 scholarships (Omnitrans)
  • Coachella Valley Assemblyman introduces bill calling for 50% clean energy target (Desert Sun)
  • Public comments for the Tapestry Project DEIR in Hesperia are due today, public workshop next Thursday (VVDP)
  • WRCOG is seeking input on ideas to increase biking in Riverside County
  • San Bernardino County Sheriff to enforce safe driving near schools in Grand Terrace (Nixle)

That’s all for today. Stay safe out there this weekend. Cheers.

Today’s News

The week is winding down, but the news is going strong! Here’s what’s happening today:

  • Carnage: Crash in San Bernardino leaves one dead, one in critical condition (PE)
  • Plans for third for-profit jail in Adelanto shelved (VVDP)
  • London’s mayor is proposing a major investment in the city’s bikeway network (SBUSA)
  • SANBAG is holding an opening ceremony for the I-10/Cherry Avenue Interchange tomorrow morning (announcement [PDF])
  • PE opines that curtailing sprawl in the Inland Empire will send young workers and their families elsewhere
  • Over in Fresno, the Droge Building shows modern mixed-use in action outside of the usual suspects (Stop and Move)
  • The ATP Cycle 2 is opening soon (SRTS)
  • Rialto looks to establish ties with a Cuban city (PE)

That’s all, check back tomorrow to prepare for the weekend.

Today’s News

What’s going on in the area today? Let’s take a look:

  • Carnage: Man who died in Monday’s head-on collision on National Trails Highway identified (VVDP, VVNG)
  • Carnage: Single-vehicle rollover crash Monday leaves man dead (Valley News)
  • Carnage: Crash on SR-18 leaves woman dead (PE)
  • Carnage: Man dead after losing control in I-215 (Murrieta Patch, PE)
  • RTA’s 10-Year plan gets high marks from The Transit Coalition
  • Copenhagen’s bike infrastructure allows seven year-old girls to hold bike education classes (Copenhagenize)
  • Menifee Planning Commission to consider [PDF] more single-family development tonight
  • LOSSAN keeps passenger rail moving in the SCAG region, planning improvements (LAT)
  • AASHTO finally gets on board, promises protected bikeway standards by end of the decade (SBUSA)
  • Is your bus stop lacking in one way or another? Nominate it in Streetsblog’s ‘Sorriest Bus Stop in America’ contest.
  • Parents of young children aren’t fleeing cities where they can walk (Family Friendly Cities)

Check back tomorrow for more news. Doei!

Today’s News

How’s it going folks? Couple things happened since yesterday, a couple more going on today or soon. Here goes:

  • Carnage: Man arrested in connection with road rage fight that resulted in death (PE)
  • Carnage: One dead after losing control of their car (PE)
  • Carnage: Woman takes out dry cleaner shop while trying to park (VVNG)
  • Carnage: One dead after weekend crash in Murrieta, driver arrested for DUI (Valley News)
  • Google responds to concerns that Waze allows people to “track” police movements (LAT)
  • Adventure Cycling Association is still waiting for Caltrans District 8 to approve bikes on I-40, asks for you to lend your voice (Adventure Cycling)
  • Victorville skatepark plan sent to committee (VVDP)
  • SANBAG holding informational meeting in Loma Linda this evening about the I-10/Tippecanoe Interchange (SANBAG [PDF]) and public workshops about its Short Range Transit Plan for the 2015-19 Fiscal Years all this week (SANBAG [PDF])
  • Are our suburbs actually dying? (FG)

All this and more continues to abound all around. Check back tomorrow to see what’s next.

Today’s News

Well, it’s Monday again! Here’s what you missed over the weekend:

  • Norco conducts enhanced road safety patrols, nabs 73 speeders (PE)
  • Carnage: One killed, one critically injured in single-vehicle crash in San Bernardino (PE)
  • Carnage: Man killed in rollover crash in Hesperia (VVDP, VVNG)
  • Carnage: Man killed in truck crash in Fontana (PE)
  • Here are some of the highlights of Secretary Foxx’s bike safety challenge (PFB)
  • Traffic tickets are getting more expensive thanks to new fees (PE)
  • VVTA coach operator assaulted in Victorville (VVNG)
  • Blogger envisions London bikeway network in the subways (Triple Pundit)
  • High Desert laments CA gas taxes while hundreds of millions of tax dollars are poured into projects to benefit the High Desert (VVDP)
  • Menifee has a meeting tonight about bringing wayward businesses into the fold of City zoning codes (City of Menifee)

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more news and commentary throughout the week. Arrivederci!

Today’s News

Endlich! We’ve reached the end of the short week. Here’s what there is to know in preparation for the weekend:

  • Carnage: Young man hit earlier this week in Beaumont dies, police seeking information (Banning-Beaumont Patch)
  • Carnage: Two killed in fiery crash on SR-60 in Ontario (PE)
  • Anthony Foxx calls on mayors to do more to protect vulnerable users (SBUSA)
  • Palm Desert keeps its ban on drive-thru restaurants (Desert-Sun)
  • Two arrested in Palm Springs bike theft sting (Desert-Sun)
  • Judge upholds LA ownership of Ontario International Airport (Valley News)
  • Gas prices expected to go up by summer (LAT)

That’s it for today, sorry for the wait.