Today’s News

The end of another week couldn’t come soon enough, IE fatalities on the streets are completely out of control. It would’ve been great to end the week early after yesterday, but the outrageousness continues. Without further ado:

  • Carnage: Man dies after a steel pipe on a truck comes loose and hits him (SB Sun)
  • Coachella Valley cities jockey to have their road expansions on top of CVAG’s priority list (Desert Sun)
  • Keep those fireplaces off again today (PE)
  • Inattentive motorists in Moreno Valley cited for not yielding to pedestrians (Valley News)
  • Is the real problem on our stroads the standards? (Strong Towns)
  • SANBAG is still taking comments about their Short-Range Transit Plan (VVDP)
  • Moreno Valley bridge to close for at least six months after suffering damage over the weekend (PE)
  • The vast majority of American highways are crumbling while most of the money continues to go to projects to build new stuff (SBUSA)
  • CVAG, RCTC seek input and will hold meetings concerning rail service to the Beaumont Pass and Coachella Valley areas (RCTC [PDF])

Have a great weekend! Hopefully, this one is better than last.


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