Today’s News

How’s it going folks? Couple things happened since yesterday, a couple more going on today or soon. Here goes:

  • Carnage: Man arrested in connection with road rage fight that resulted in death (PE)
  • Carnage: One dead after losing control of their car (PE)
  • Carnage: Woman takes out dry cleaner shop while trying to park (VVNG)
  • Carnage: One dead after weekend crash in Murrieta, driver arrested for DUI (Valley News)
  • Google responds to concerns that Waze allows people to “track” police movements (LAT)
  • Adventure Cycling Association is still waiting for Caltrans District 8 to approve bikes on I-40, asks for you to lend your voice (Adventure Cycling)
  • Victorville skatepark plan sent to committee (VVDP)
  • SANBAG holding informational meeting in Loma Linda this evening about the I-10/Tippecanoe Interchange (SANBAG [PDF]) and public workshops about its Short Range Transit Plan for the 2015-19 Fiscal Years all this week (SANBAG [PDF])
  • Are our suburbs actually dying? (FG)

All this and more continues to abound all around. Check back tomorrow to see what’s next.


Is that how you feel?

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