Hump Day Headlines

Top ‘o the morning, here’s what’s going on these days:

  • Carnage: Motorcyclist died in San Bernardino collision on Sunday (PE)
  • Carnage: Stolen car leads to high speed chase, crash (PE, VVDP)
  • Racial profiling, harassment at the MLK Day parade in LA (SBLA)
  • Protected bikeways can improve suburban, exurban, and rural areas too, so advocates should band together and ask for the best (PFB)
  • White House releases handy app to check infrastructure quality (WH)
  • Even with low gas prices, bus ridership hitting record highs (RTA)
  • More warehouses coming to Moreno Valley

That’s all for now. If you have any leads, send them in: inlandfiets[at],, or @inlandfiets on Instagram/Twitter. Ciao!


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