David Mendez killed in Riverside

Well, that went downhill quickly. Not even a full week into the new year, we’ve already lost a rider. Yesterday, David Mendez was killed in Riverside. According to the report, he was heading east on Central Avenue about 3/4 mile before Victoria in the “far left lane”. Mendez, who was reportedly wearing a skid lid, was struck and subsequently died at around 3:45 PM. The driver of the car is suspected of DUI, but there is no word of an arrest being made yet.

I’m sure that Riverside PD undoubtedly would like to talk to anyone with more information about this incident. They can be reached at (951) 787-7911 or via this form.

Mendez is the unlucky first rider killed in all of SoCal, but it should come as no surprise that it occurred in the Inland Empire because the region is the worst in the state for bike/ped safety. Alas, that means that we’re already unable to match Portland’s stellar performance last year. However, I really hope we can make him the last for the year. California’s 3 Foot Law goes into effect in September, but both drivers and riders need to share the road responsibly all the time.


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